In October, the unemployment rate for Hispanics hit a record low and has begun to catch up to other racial and ethnic groups. But despite the progress, significant gaps between them remain.

[Photo: courtesy of Wes Hicks]

When President Trump visited Florida last month, he highlighted one achievement in particular: the economic progress made by Hispanics, a group that has strongly opposed Trump because of his immigration policies. The unemployment rate for Hispanics had hit 4.8 percent in October, a record low, and has remained at about that level ever since.

“For Hispanics, we have the lowest ever recorded,” Trump told small business leaders at…

As dental care cost is on the rise, some found a way to obtain it without having to pay as much, even get a vacation out of it, by traveling abroad.

[Photo: courtesy of Jonathan Borba and]

By the time Anghy Guevara turned forty years of age, she became in need of having dental implants done due to serious back-tooth decay developing over the years. There was just one problem: she couldn’t afford to pay for it out-of-pocket.

“They were charging me $4,500 per implant,” she recalled.

Ms. Guevara, who works as a Certified Nurse Assistant at Huntington Hospital in Long Island, needed a total of…

Following the announcement by Toys R’ Us to close all US stores in June, discount chain Five Below, Inc. and several other retailers expanded its toy merchandise to satisfy family void this holiday season.

[Photo: Hernán Goicochea]

Inside one of Five Below’s newest locations, the first-ever Manhattan store on Fifth Avenue, an additional 20-plus feet of shelf space has been allocated to toys this holiday season. …

In New York City, a particular yoga center is home to an international community of Mantra Yoga practitioners from Latin America. For 12 years, Victor Florez has been part of that community. Listen as he recounts his story!

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[Hernán Goicochea, host] Welcome to another episode of Diversify This! I am your host Hernán Goicochea.

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[Hernán] This week’s story, we’ll take you into the world of Mantra Yoga Meditation.

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[Scene: people singing mantra chants]

[Hernán] What you…

Chinese Classical Music is considered to be one of the most popular traditional genres in Mainland China. Yet, within New York City exists a community of Chinese musicians that keep the tradition alive. And Wei Sun, a professional Guzheng player, is part of that community. Listen as she recounts her story.

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[Hernán Goicochea, host] Welcome to DiversifyThis! I am your host Hernán Goicochea.

For our first story, we will take you into the world of traditional Chinese music.

– Part I –

[Wei Sun]

Undocumented students, Muslims and Jews say they are the target of racial hatred in one of the most liberal universities in the country

co-authors: Juan Bernardo Garcia & Itzel Castro


At New York University, students found themselves ranting “ICE out, ICE out!” while holding small banners, expressing their anger inside a room where a job fair event was being held.

It was the Spring 2017 semester, and recruiters representing the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) were participating along with other organizations during a student job fair held annually at NYU.

A few hours earlier, a…

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